The Darkness Beyond The Light

My name is Lily, I'm fourteen. I have a dwarf hamster named Sofie, I'm dating a pineapple named Sebastian. I have a pet egg named Derek. And a creepy ass mechanical cow I named Hercules.

Fandoms: supernatural, sherlock, avatar;tla, korra somewhat, FALL OUT BOY, panic! at the disco, (that's it so far). And I change my hair a lot. Yep.

  • Shit. Screw this.

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  • amoying:

    putting on head phones when your volume is at 100%


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  • boys-and-suicide:

    Sorry for the quality it was the video but the message is the important thing.

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  • Anonymous asked : would you rather shave your head or not be able to cut any of your hair for an entire year (that includes leg hair/armpit hair/etc...)


    shave my head bc i could be rad af and wear different colored wigs

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  • awkward-lee:

    i just laughed so hard

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  • I’m not good at poetry at all.. It’s tumblr though, you seem like nice people…
    Pt I:
    I’d given you everything I had to offer.
    And what do you do?
    You throw it all back in my face.
    It wasn’t even anticipated.
    But still you brought this upon yourself.
    I meant what I said
    I suppose that means you did too.
    But that’s not why I broke down
    The fact that you don’t even care
    That I’m no longer there
    Is what brought me to tears

    Pt II: (tw)
    I hold this blade between my fingers
    For so long, I let it linger
    Then in the blink of an eye
    Like thick red dye
    The beats rolled like notes out of an opera singer.

    Instantly I feel the pain
    But also the sweet relief
    I don’t know why it brings so much joy.
    I like how I can’t hear my thoughts of misery
    When I’m worrying about how I’ll hide the endless cuts
    Why do I do this?
    Why do we do this?

    A person doesn’t have to be your significant other to break your heart.

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  • ifwemetupatmidnight:

    every time I find a youtube video with comments disabled I wonder what kind of shit went down

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