My name is Lily, I'm fourteen. I have a dwarf hamster named Sofie, I'm dating a pineapple named Sebastian. I have a pet egg named Derek. And a creepy ass mechanical cow I named Hercules.

Fandoms: supernatural, sherlock, avatar;tla, korra somewhat, FALL OUT BOY, panic! at the disco, (that's it so far). And I change my hair a lot. Yep.

  • lancemich:

    Steal his look: Sam pepper

    Inflatable dick costume ($29.99)

  • mikominabusa:

    Steal Her Look: Lady Gaga

    - Multifunction Copy Machine ($2,399.00)

  • amazing-philip:

    Steal Her Look: Sixties Becky

    Versace V-Neck Cardigan (£2,022)

    Tiffany & co. Pink Diamond Encrusted Earrings  (£2,009)

    Fcuk Red Tinted Glasses (£2,014)

  • derpycats:

    Voldemort likes to join me as I waste time watching the office

  • thesonicscrew:


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