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Imagine being tortured for months by angels trying to find Cas, and Sam and Dean rescuing you and taking care of you as you recover from nightmares and panic attacks in the bunker


Original Imagine: ۞

Warnings: Mentions of blood, nightmares, and panic attacks

A fast, sharp pain struck the right side of your stomach. You cried out in pain for what had to be the millionth time. You breathed heavily and kept your eyes shut tight, refusing to meet the face of your torturer.

"Let it be, brother. We shall return to gathering information of Castiel’s whereabouts later." a deep voice spoke.

"I cannot wait any longer! She is refusing to co-operate, and if she continues this then I shall have no other option but to kill her!" a different voice spoke angrily.

After a few minutes of murmuring between the two angels, your heard their footsteps fade, and a door lock.

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